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Medicinal drugs are given to patients in the form of injections, tablets, pills, tonics, syrups and capsules. They are given orally, administered intravenously or for application externally. Each drug has formulations. These have active ingredients of chemicals that work as inhibitors or are capable of blocking diseases. Formulations are made under strict and regulated conditions in drug manufacturing units approved by regulatory authorities. To get the precise formulations laboratories with advanced technology are used.

Precise Chemipharma has a WHO-GMP certified manufacturing site for niche products, CTD-EDMF, Drug Master File, Finished Dosage Formulations used in critical medical states in Cardiovascular ailments and Anti-Diabetics.

Drug Pellets

Precise Chemipharm makes key ready to fill drug pellets like Rabeprazole Sodium EC, Orlistat and Tamsulosin HCL SR, Omeprazole Pellets, Desvenlafaxine Succinate, Bazidoxifene. When drugs are given, the pellet technology has many advantages. This ensures that the drug has maximum effect in the blood plasma and also has very less adverse effects for the patients. They come in spheroidal shape. Pellets can easily be filed into gelatin capsules or sachets. They also come in the form of compressed tablet.

Precise Chemipharma has advanced technology to make customized release profiles either sustained or pulsed.


P2P Business

PRECISE GROUP offers P2P and contract manufacturing services for many new products for which we have DCGI approvals. PRECISE has always focused on high value niche products. With challenging technological breakthroughs, it has won itself demanding customers, who trust the group for its immaculately clean dealings, insistence to quality and a high level of customer service.

The company has extended its vision to other allied sectors as part of its strategy to gain a solid foundation in the pharma industry. Its interests in the P2P business are testimony that it continues its confident journey to make a better future for affordable healthcare worldwide. It comes as a logical step to share expertise and provide a base for better business practices. Our experts ensure our customers launch products at desirable G.C. and on top of it they get first launch advantages in certain cases.

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