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Eco Concern

Environmental conservation is part of PRECISE Group's values and therefore an essential component of our guiding principle. It is also a key factor in our efforts to design eco-friendly manufacturing processes and targeting conservation of natural resources.

Some initiatives under taken by the Group towards this objective are:

  • Rainwater harvesting system.

  • Use of Biomass Briquettes in boiler and heating applications. Biomass Briquettes are Green Boiler fuels manufactured from waste biomass like sawdust, agriculture wastes etc.

  • Putting up bird houses around the manufacturing locations for sparrows and other small birds displaces due to felling of trees and urbanization.

  • The plant has ETP unit to reprocess waste water & convert it into purified water. This water is then used for gardening and farming.

  • The factory premise has a vast green land area with variety of flowers, fruits and vegetable plantation.

  • Avoid use of plastic and other non biodegradable material in packing and packaging.

  • Installed high efficient AHU filter cleaning machines to avoid dust creation in atmosphere.

  • Most of the Manufacturing process is performed in closed equipment to avoid noise pollution.

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